Frequent questions

We leave you the main doubts and questions that can arise on our portal, in any case, if they are not enough to resolve your niggling, send us an email to:

1. What´s PPFAM?

A digital platform, specialized in the agribusiness industry and focused on speeding up contacts between growers and buyers of their network.

2. Who can use it?

PPFAM is aimed at agricultural producers, Producers of processed foods or agri-food marketers from all over the world, also for as international buyers and retailers looking for products from around the world.

3. How it´s works?

It´s very simple, only you have to click in sing up, and fill out a form with the profile of your company and once finished start to upload your products so that everyone can find them

4. How many products can I upload?

You can upload 6 products, and 3 pictures for each

5. That has any cost?

PPFAM is Freemium, so our clients can enjoy free services. But we also have other special services that have an annual cost, those are work for a digital promotion, for help you to sell.

6. Which one are those special services?

Its call Premium Services, and we count with: mailing, web positioning, and digital promotion. If you want know more of our Premium services, contact to us.

7. My information is published immediately?

Yes, it´s. All your information it´s going to be available always.

8. Can I change my information?

Yes, you can. Remember you can modify your photos, products, or any other information, any time, every were, just only sing up to your control panel, with your user name and password, and decided your movement.

9. How will someone interested in my products contact me?

In each tab of your products appears a contact button that will allow potential buyers to make contact with you. This will generate an alert that will reach your email informing you that someone is interested in your products.

10. When I register the map does not keep my address well, what can I do?

If the map does not exactly locate your address, you can try a nearby address, in case of further error, contact us to solve your problem.

11. What kind of images can I upload?

Can be on JPG or PNG, the maximum weight of the photos is 5 MBS. You can make it with any cellphone or camera.

12. What happen if I don’t have any photos?

To increase your chances of being contacted, we recommend that you photograph your production, in case you can´t access to the graphic material, we can use photos from our image bank.

13. PPFAM reviews the information what I post?

Yes, we review all the information posted in our platform, is part of our quality control. We inform each client if their material is wrong or deficient.

14. From where can I access to my control panel?

You can from a tablet, cellphone, laptop and computer, just only need access at internet and keep in hand your user name and password.