Safest way to trade

About us:

PPFAM is a trading company specialized in commodities like sugar, corn, soybean, metals, silver, oil and jet fuel. We offer high quality products direct from refineries. Our team has expertise in all the trading process, offering you the best way to close a deal.

We are looking for new opportunities every day, we work with direct buyers, brokers or facilitators. Our process is transparent and we ask our buyers or partners the same, since this is the only way to close operations..

Our products:

If you need a product that it is not in our list, please contact us to help you to get your request.

On the other hand if you are a supplier or distributor and you are interested in finding new markets, we can sign an agreement to find new markets.

How we work

Our standard way to work is:

LOI - SCO - ICPO - FCO - Contract and IMFPA - SBLC/DLC - Performance Bond - Shipment Departure - Pay commissions*

Every product could have specific procedure. Please contact us to send official procedure to products you need

Why work with us?

We work with International Chamber of Commerce Rules.

We offer best and realistic prices in the international market

We dont ask for upfront payments

We dont hide seller information. After LOI you will receive SCO direct from end seller.

We respect Deal Chain. But we dont accept a big broker/facilitators chain.

We dont waste your time. After LOI we will tell you if we can do your deal or not.

Contact us:

If you have any request please send us a email or Whatsapp.

To start we need a fulfill LOI. Without a LOI or Official request we dont send prices or specifications.